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Accounting School of Chongqing University of Technology was founded in 1993. The accounting major, having enrolled undergraduates since 1988, now contains three aspects: Accounting, Financial Management and Accounting Computerization. The subject of Accountancy, appraised as the key one at the provincial level and also one of the Chongqing first batches in characteristic specialty. It has now become a key subject in the national state. Being the only accounting and financial key discipline in Chongqing during the “Tenth Five-Year and Eleventh Five-Year” period, School of Accounting was accredited the quality for granting master’s degree in 2002. The Accounting Research and Development Center is the only Accounting and Financial Humanity research base in Chongqing. Accounting courses teaching group was awarded municipal institution of higher education team in 2008. We own one national level excellent course (Accounting Computerization), four municipal ones (Basic Accounting, Intermediate Financial Accounting, Accounting Computerization, Financial Management) and one postgraduate excellent course (Comparative Accounting Research).

The Accounting School, aiming at training inter-disciplinary professionals, continuously dedicates to different kinds of educational innovations which mainly focus on teaching contents, methods, modes, and models. Through our efforts, we have scored some teaching achievements during recent years. Four projects have won the provincial excellent teaching awards and two have won municipal excellent teaching awards. In 2008, the Economic Management Experiment Education Center accredits the Accounting School as one of Chongqing Institution of Higher Education Experimental Demonstration Centers. In 2009, our “Innovation experimental plot of accounting professional training mode based on the differentiation strategy” was awarded the prize of Chongqing personnel training mode innovation experimental plot.

Through “educational reform pilot classes”, “science and education pilot classes”, “postgraduate candidates training system”, “credit system based on categories to enroll students and specialty to train students” and a series of innovation projects, the accounting school has implemented “Three-Three” training mode and “international professional training projects (CIMA & ACCA) ” creatively. Our students have won a variety of awards in national competitions such as "Mathematical Modeling" and "The Challenge Cup". In 2000, representing the area of Chongqing in the first prize of National Accounting Knowledge Competition, our students enter the final and made an outstanding achievement. Also we won the Chongqing second prize of the National UFIDA Accounting Knowledge Competition in 2007. Moreover,our students have published the professional articles in more than 500 academic papers and frequently obtain national scholarships during their study. More and more students are gaining excellent grades in the national entrance examination for postgraduate and successfully admitted to master and doctor degree.

At the same time, the School of Accounting provides different kinds of opportunities for staff in advanced training and development. In 2011, 15 teachers were funded by China Scholarship Council and sent to California State University, Dominguez Hills to take part in the training courses—Accounting and Financial Management Courses Development. During the process, our staff greatly improved themselves in the areas of accounting teaching, scientific research and management. This training programme provides a good opportunity to explore the different kinds of teaching modes and developing a potential international cooperation.

The Accounting School, exploring the integration of teaching and research training mode greatly, has persisted in the guiding principle—teaching as the core, education as the basis ever since a long time ago. Our strategic orientation is all-round training, developing students’ creativity and practical working capability to meet the businesses’ needs.

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